replacement series

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replacement series:

see electromotive serieselectromotive series,
list of metals whose order indicates the relative tendency to be oxidized, or to give up electrons (see oxidation and reduction); the list also includes the gas hydrogen. The electromotive series begins with the metal most easily oxidized, i.e.
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These models described the possible outcomes of the interaction of two species when grown in a replacement series [26,27].
more comparable with the individual components of the replacement series drilled, alternate row intercropping produced similar dry matter to the sole barley and the sole peas produced least dry matter.
Two replacement series experiments were conducted in a greenhouse with the objective to compare the performance of quackgrass growing with either orchardgrass or white clover, under 2- and 6-wk cutting.
A reinterpretation of yield relationships in replacement series experiments.
Intercrop treatments of a bivariate factorial design (Snaydon, 1991) were designed as row by row replacement series.
But bosses will allow presenter Robert Kilroy-Silk's production company to make a replacement series, as long as he is not the host.
Webheads have apparently finally figured out the dirty little secret of canceling shows: Midseason replacement series, more often than not, will even do worse.
The project is being targeted as a Spring 2011 network replacement series and, if it is picked up, Esposito will likely continue to take the director's reins.
The potential replacement series, "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," won't be available in five-a-week reruns until fall 2003.
The TV landscape is littered with the carcasses of promising replacement series that withered away as soon as the leaves changed color.

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