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As shown in Table 2, there were 2 nominally replicable pathways (based on 50kb flanking) enriched in alcohol dependence-related genes in both EAs (0.015 [less than or equal to] p [less than or equal to] 0.035) and AAs (0.025 [less than or equal to] p [less than or equal to] 0.050): the 'Na+/Cl- dependent neurotransmitter transporters' pathway (#15) (specified above), and the 'other glycan degradation' pathway (#20) (AGA, HEXA, HEXB, ENGASE, FUCA2, FUCA1, MANBA, GLB1, MAN2C1, MAN2B2, NEU1, NEU3, MAN2B1, NEU2, GBA, and NEU4).
The Siemens Foundation and Discovery Education's We Can Change the World Challenge tasks K-12 students with identifying an environmental issue in their classroom, school, or community and creating a replicable green solution.
First, recall what helped build your brand locally in your hometown and decide how to replicable those tactics are in another market.
More than just an avocation of the idea, this book provides the concrete, real-world tools needed to create replicable models to tackle distribution, transportation, energy costs and more.
As pioneers in the field of distance education and learning for more than 40 years, the Fischler School incorporates the most reliable and replicable research and application from both teaching practice and scholarly innovation into our coursework.
The Foundation is responsible for overall implementation of the programme which aims to complement the nation's education agenda by developing replicable and scalable components of education to generate benchmarks and also act as a resource model for organisations such as the Planning Commission and the World Bank.
Is the program implementation replicable and sustainable?
The program quickly grew from its pilot phase at Wisconsin credit unions to a proven and replicable program that's been implemented in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and at more than 20 Wisconsin businesses, organizations and schools.
That variation might suggest that the knowledge needed to produce high-quality forms of these innovative tests in a replicable and scalable manner is not yet at hand.
Marybeth Gasman of the University of Pennsylvania, hope the study, scheduled to run from June to October 2013, will uncover replicable strategies and programs.
"This advanced process results in a replicable symphony of color accuracy and consistency of finite detail that is unachievable with other printing platforms"
Bridoux (international politics, Aberystwyth U.) compares postwar reconstruction in Iraq with postwar reconstruction in Japan in order to understand why US officials believed that extensive social re-engineering aimed at seeding liberal democracy and economic development is replicable. He discusses American power as a tale of force and consent; power and the American experience; assessing Truman's and G.W.