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1. In masonry, the final treatment of joints by the troweling of mortar or a putty-like filler into the joints; also See flush pointing, recessed pointing, tuck pointing.
2. The material with which the joints are filled.
3. The removal of mortar from between the joints of masonry units and the replacing of it with new mortar; repointing.
4. In stone carving, creating points from a model and establishing their position on the stone that is to be carved.
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Team Force Restoration, which has won numerous awards including the 2015 RICS Award for Building Conservation for The Black Barn near Bardon Mill, is now examining hundreds of huge sandstone slabs at the cathedral, carefully descaling and cleaning them, and then repointing a 250sq metre area.
Sand and cement mortar is sometimes used for repointing, but this causes considerable damage to the brickwork.
Repointing brick is slow, painstaking work that requires few special skills but a lot of patience.
The Upperthong, Brockholes, and Holme Valley war memorials will receive vital maintenance including, the repair or replacement of cracked sections and the repointing of joints.
The main element of the scheme includes the repair and repointing of defective masonry and brickwork on 16 arches.
I HAVE come up with an idea for pointing or repointing patios, paths and paved areas.
Exterior work will involve gutter clearing and repair, chimney sweeping, repointing, removal of graffiti, replacing damaged door handles, and to generally check the overall condition of the castle.
"Repointing," or tuck pointing, is the removal and replacement of cracked or missing mortar between the bricks.
Trevor Blades, who is coordinating the church's Way Forward project, which includes building schedules, said much work had been carried out on the wall facing the county council car park, including repointing. Church officials showed the repairs to representatives of the King Henry VIII Endowed Trust which contributed ten per cent of the repair bill.
Steven Evans, director of Commercial Leasing at Platinum Properties, is marketing the property, which has two gut renovated retail spaces, full basements under each building, a new facade, two gut renovated residential units, a new hot water storage tank, recent repointing and waterproofing of both buildings and a complete renovation of building hallways.
Permission is also sought for additional repointing and brickwork replacement as identified during the work.