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The Mirwaiz said whenever repression touches a new height and the cup of patience is filmed to the brim and people take to streets they are greeted by bullets, batons, and deadly pellets.
We are here to remember the dark days that happened 80 years ago and about which we must not forget, honor the memory of the political repression victims, immortalize the uneasy lessons and reflect on the importance of strengthening the states immunity to anything that might harm human rights and freedom.
Repression and popular protests are Egyptian phenomena used by the state and civilians to impose their respective political demands on one other.
In such countries, repression is not virtual; instead, it is concrete and is able to reveal itself in every field.
The two solons also denounced the spate of Lumad killings and intensified repression under Aquino.
Rapid monetary expansion, exacerbated by the bifurcation created by financial repression, has a tendency to result in capital misallocation and asset price inflation because it accelerates monetary growth.
Rabat - Le Conseil de gouvernement a approuve, jeudi, un projet de loi relatif a l'activation et au renforcement des mecanismes de controle et de repression des infractions d'urbanisme et de construction, tout en prenant en consideration les observations formulees.
The last supporters of the regime must understand that repression leads nowhere and we urge them to dissociate themselves from the bloody repression carried out for 16 months," he said.
Rumor, repression, and racial politics; how the harassment of black elected officials shaped post-civil rights America.
L'Assemblee generale des Nations unies a adopte jeudi 16 fevrier une resolution condamnant la repression violente des manifestations en Syrie par le regime de Bachar al-Assad ces onze derniers mois.
France's Foreign Minister Alain Juppe expressed regret at the "fundamental disagreement" with Russia that led to rejection of the first version of the United Nations Security Council resolution, in late January, condemning the repression in Syria.
We must certainly salute the Syrian National Council for the document it issued recently on the Lebanese-Syrian bilateral ties," he corroborated, raising doubts of a likely civil war to flare up if bloodshed and repression continued in Syria.