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Thus run the official words of the reprieve addressed to the hearts ashore lying under a heavy sentence.
The good man having made a very Christian exhortation to me, not to let the joy of my reprieve put the remembrance of my past sorrow out of my mind, and having told me that he must leave me, to go and enter the reprieve in the books, and show it to the sheriffs, stood up just before his going away, and in a very earnest manner prayed to God for me, that my repentance might be made unfeigned and sincere; and that my coming back, as it were, into life again, might not be a returning to the follies of life which I had made such solemn resolutions to forsake, and to repent of them.
He congratulated my having a space yet allowed me for repentance, whereas the state of those six poor creatures was determined, and they were now past the offers of salvation; he earnestly pressed me to retain the same sentiments of the things of life that I had when I had a view of eternity; and at the end of all told me I should not conclude that all was over, that a reprieve was not a pardon, that he could not yet answer for the effects of it; however, I had this mercy, that I had more time given me, and that it was my business to improve that time.
The good minister, whose interest, though a stranger to me, had obtained me the reprieve, mourned sincerely for this part.
Take what precautions you please, if it is any satisfaction to you to do so; but rely upon my obtaining the reprieve I seek."
"And whom will you employ to carry the reprieve to the officer directing the execution?"
A year after the Obama administration announced a program granting deportation reprieves to some undocumented children, stalled negotiations over immigration reform have left the fate of the program unclear.
Article V, Section 14, of the Oregon Constitution unequivocally defines the governor's power to issue reprieves, commutations and pardons "after conviction" for all offenses.
And we hope that the Post Office will not look for new offices to shut following the two reprieves.
Nothing in this article shall affect the President's authority to grant reprieves or pardons." The only limitation is that the exercise of this power must be "appropriate" for the purpose of enforcing the amendment.
Unfortunately, no reprieve was considered in the Bentley case, one example of the negative policy upon reprieves during the Maxwell Fife period.
Joyce appeared to disagree, saying that would create a separation of powers issue because Kitzhaber would be using his ordinary authority to manage state government to block a court order, which is different from his constitutional power to grant reprieves to anyone except in cases of treason.