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But what are all the poor fools and reprobates to do, aunt?
the male fools and reprobates will never want for partners, while there are so many of the other sex to match them; but do you follow my advice.
And here it is very well worth observing that, as it often happens in the world (what the wise ends in God's providence are, in such a disposition of things, I cannot say), the two honest fellows had the two worst wives; and the three reprobates, that were scarce worth hanging, that were fit for nothing, and neither seemed born to do themselves good nor any one else, had three clever, careful, and ingenious wives; not that the first two were bad wives as to their temper or humour, for all the five were most willing, quiet, passive, and subjected creatures, rather like slaves than wives; but my meaning is, they were not alike capable, ingenious, or industrious, or alike cleanly and neat.
As to the three reprobates, as I justly call them, though they were much civilised by their settlement compared to what they were before, and were not so quarrelsome, having not the same opportunity; yet one of the certain companions of a profligate mind never left them, and that was their idleness.
Otherwise she must have believed them the most hopeless assortment of reprobates and ne'er-do-wells in the world, with veritable slaves and martyrs for wives.
violation of UNSC resolution 478 which was passed in 1980 in order to reprobate Israel any move to annex eastern Jeruselum i.
A scummier little reprobate you'd be hardpressed to find.
The Story of the Predestined Pilgrim and His Brother Reprobate
our reprobate house pants its confession now, and the screen door,
Republicans and Democrats alike know that responding to his execrable opinions with criticism perversely fuels the reprobate property developer's 'radical' image, and continue to do so because they wish to maintain the veneer of 'respectable' racism when politically convenient.
What is perhaps more surprising is quite how good a singer he is, whether sneering his way through "Little Girls" or belting out "Easy Street", with Hannigan's reprobate brother, Rooster, and his new squeeze (Jonny Fines and Djalenga Scott, both slickly self-serving).
The South Shields-born songwriter, who teamed up with fellow rock reprobate Courtney Love on single Honour, said: "I wanted to do something special for my fans for Christmas.