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group of organisms, all of which are descended from a single individual through asexual reproduction, as in a pure cell culture of bacteria. Except for changes in the hereditary material that come about by mutation, all members of a clone are genetically identical.
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To make a product that functions like another. See clone. See also cloning software.
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According to the ( Bioethics Defense Fund , an additional four states simply prohibit state funding of human cloning and 10 states allow human embryos to be cloned but ban the embryo from being allowed to mature full term (thus outlawing reproductive cloning but allowing therapeutic cloning).
"While nuclear transfer breakthroughs often lead to a public discussion about the ethics of human cloning, this is not our focus, nor do we believe our findings might be used by others to advance the possibility of human reproductive cloning."
Many countries forbid human reproductive cloning and do not discuss its results, but the Islamic law tries to find a solution to these problems and provide a definite answer to the related questions.
It does not represent reality and causes people to focus on unhelpful issues within die context of the debate surrounding human reproductive cloning. I will present three kinds of examples to support the thesis, To begin with, there are instances where one genome exists in two different individuals.
Human reproductive cloning is a much disputed ethical issue.
(40) Opponents of reproductive cloning also argue that clones would lack the individuality that humans should enjoy, (41) might view the course of their life as preordained by that of their donor, (42) and might suffer other unknown psychological harms caused by knowing that their DNA is an exact replica of their donor's DNA.
Moreno has suggested that we underestimate the resourcefulness of modern biologists who, perhaps lured by the hopes of a Nobel prize, may find a way to overcome the apparent biological barriers to human reproductive cloning. We have already addressed this brand of argument against our proposal in our article; we will not rehearse these responses here.
By conflating the issues surrounding embryonic stem cell research, and by consistently raising such research in conjunction with reproductive cloning, members were able to successfully argue that all SCNT should be banned in Canada.
(15) The restrictions include limitations on the developmental age of the cloned embryos used in experiments, a prohibition on reproductive cloning, and a limitation on paying only for the medical expenses of women who donate eggs.
Chapters cover intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization, cyro-preserved embryos, surrogacy, government regulations, posthumous reproduction, reproductive cloning, standards of care and liability, and contracts and documents.
A second failed attempt at human reproductive cloning was reported yesterday by maverick fertility expert Dr Panos Zavos.
Currently, five states ban all forms of cloning, and four have banned reproductive cloning but allow the technology to be used for research or therapeutic purposes.

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