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Established in 2001 under the Human Reproductive Technology Ordinance, the Council on Human Reproductive Technology is tasked to regulate the conduct of reproductive technology, including embryo research in Hong Kong through a licensing system and the publication of a Code of Practice for the relevant professions.
Synopsis: Compiled and edited by psychoanalyst and clinician Mali Mann, "Psychoanalytic Aspects of Assisted Reproductive Technology" significantly contributes in an important way to the psychoanalytic understanding and impact of Assisted Reproductive Technology on a majority of patients who have difficulties starting new families.
Students of assisted reproductive technology in Europe and America will also find much to learn from in this book.
Researchers linked a census of more than 6100 assisted reproductive technology births in South Australia to a registry of more than 300,000 births and 18,000 birth defects.
The Bill stipulates informed consent from couples -- married or unmarried -- before they opt for assisted reproductive technology.
Assisted reproductive technology in the United States: 1997 results generated from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine/Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology Registry.
The revised edition specifically deals with topics pertaining to twenty-first century advances in assisted reproductive technology, donor insemination, and surrogacy.
Obligations to the Children of Reproductive Technology.
Many different family arrangements are considered in this book including families headed by single parents, gay and lesbian couples and step-parents, as well as families with children born with the help of advanced reproductive technology.
Additionally, advances in surgical and assisted reproductive technology, as well as a better understanding of the various treatment options of these cancers, provide more alternatives for preserving or protecting fertility in younger women today.
Assisted reproductive technology success rates: national summary and fertility clinic reports.
Researchers from the Laboratory of Reproductive Technology, Cremona, Italy, have recently reported that they used the genetic material from a healthy male and that of a female to create the foal.

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