required navigation performance

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required navigation performance

[rē¦kwī·ərd ‚nav·ə′gā·shən pər‚form·əns]
A method of regulating the performance of air navigation equipment, in which airspace requirements can be satisfied independently of the methods (that is, the sensors) by which they are achieved. Abbreviated RNP.
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required navigation performance (RNP)

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Tabel existing and future levels of navigation accuracy.
A statement of the navigation performance necessary for operation within a defined airspace. Navigation performance and requirements are defined for a particular RNP type and/or application (ICAO).
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Naverus, a company subsidiary, designed the instrument flight path, which includes Required Navigation Performance technology (RNP), a mainstay of the FAA approved NextGen airspace modernisation plan.
Both the airline and the FAA feel that the new procedure, called Required Navigation Performance, should provide a safer approach for the carrier's aircraft and could possibly help to alleviate congestion.
The deployment of Required Navigation Performance (RNP) will be performed through a holistic approach - the design of the procedures along with specific tailored training are part of a National initiative driven, jointly, by the Direccion General de Aeronautica Civil (DGAC) of Mexico and Servicios a la Navegacion en el Espacio Aereo Mexicano (SENEAM).
Based on this MoU, Quovadis will design new Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STARs) and Required Navigation Performance Authorisation Required (RNP-AR) approaches for Al Bateen Executive Airport.
Precision navigation technology is being pioneered with the introduction of Required Navigation Performance (RNP) flight operations.
The FAA has authorized Naverus, a private company, to be a Required Navigation Performance (RNP) Procedure Developer.
The Federal Aviation Administration is to develop and implement a plan to establish use of Required Navigation Performance (RNP) over the next year, in a move designed to significantly increase the capacity and efficiency of the USA's airways.
(NASDAQ: ISSC), will allow the aircraft to fly shorter flight paths and take advantage of continuous-descent, Required Navigation Performance approaches to reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions and noise levels -- a primary objective of NextGen.
GE Aviation, an operating unit of GE (NYSE:GE), on Monday announced it has been selected to deploy a Required Navigation Performance (RNP) programme at Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport in China.
However PRNAV is seen as an interim step towards full Required Navigation Performance RNAV (RNP RNAV).

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