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The first stage of software development which defines what the potential users want the system to do. In modern methods these requirements should be testable, and will usually be traceable in later development stages. A common feature of nearly all software is that the requirements change during its lifetime.

See software life-cycle.
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information requirements

The information needed to support a business or other activity. Systems analysts turn information requirements (the what and when) into functional specifications (the how) of an information system.

Details and Summaries
Requirements are typically defined as lists of detailed transactions, such as orders and purchases, as well as summarized data from master records, such as customers, vendors and employees. How frequently this information is made available is also part of the requirement.

A Group of Data Elements
The actual information is a collection of data elements that are obtained by running query and report programs against a particular database or group of databases. The data and information that are stored in the databases in the first place are also derived from the information requirements. See functional specification and desirement.

requirements management

The administration and control of the information needs of users. In order to achieve business objectives within an organization via information systems, user requirements must be defined in a consistent manner, prioritized and monitored. See application lifecycle management, functional specification and information system.
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They also claimed that a clinical domain library could help them to elicit accurate functional requirements. The domain library should also have e several functions that can be used to facilitate the elicitation of accurate functional requirements.
Embedded World 2013 - Visure Solutions, the market leader in Requirements Lifecycle Management, announced the release of its award-winning requirements definition and management solution, Visure Requirements 4.5.
Key words: requirements elicitation, requirements process
As program executive office action officers started to clarify and define the operational, budgetary, and acquisition-related requirements for fielding, we began to realize that unlike our previous experiences in acquisition, getting appropriate operational and budgetary oversight and execution approvals was proving relatively easy.
These dynamics create requirements for high availability of critical patient data, providing for secure storage and access to patient information, and meeting governmental compliance regulations.
While the binding contract rule provides certainty as to the qualification of the transaction under the COI rules, the fixed consideration requirements may not be palatable to the target shareholders, for obvious reasons.
Each jurisdiction is independent, and requirements vary on a range of issues.
regulatory system for credit for reinsurance led the Reinsurance Task Force of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners recently to take a much needed step forward at the Summer NAIC meeting by voting to advance a proposal to ease collateral requirements for non-U.S, reinsurers.
The George Washington University--Presidential Arts Scholarship in Dance Department of Theatre and Dance; Washington, DC 202.994.8072; Deadline: 01/10/2007; Number awarded: 4-5 Requirements: Admission to GWU as first year student, audition process
The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy is working on developing a website that would clarify each state's requirements. In the interim, the best site is

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