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a formal request by one government to another for the surrender of a fugitive from justice
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compulsory seizure by the state of property from an owner and payment to him of the property’s value. In the USSR, requisition is permitted only in cases provided for by law and during such emergencies as war, natural disasters, and epidemics. The RSFSR has a General Law on Requisition and Confiscation of Property dated Mar. 28, 1927 (Collection of Laws of the RSFSR, 1927, no. 38, art. 248), which specifies that means of transportation, clothing, food products, and the like may be requisitioned. The value of the requisitioned property is reimbursed at state prices within one month. Under extraordinary circumstances, requisition is sometimes temporary; an example is the requisitioning of boats during floods. When such circumstances no longer exist, the property is returned to the owner.

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application for payment

The contractor’s written request for payment of amount due for completed portions of the work, 1 and, if the contract so provides, for materials delivered and suitably stored pending their incorporation into the work.
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On July 17, Sanjrani had written a letter to the opposition's Senator Sherry Rehman saying that the no-confidence motion against him could not be moved in a requisitioned session.
'In view of the above mentioned, members will only be allowed to discuss 'to move resolution under Rule 12 for Removal of Chairman', which I am certain is not the intent of the opposition, therefore you may provide some issues of public/ importance for discussion during the requisitioned session or keeping in view that notice of a motion to move for leave to move a resolution (of removal) is already under process with the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, may want to withdraw the requisition and wait for the regular session for moving the said motion,' the letter further said.
The governor recalled that Leader of the Opposition in the Sindh Assembly Firdous Shamim Naqvi, through a letter dated June 13, had informed him that the assembly's secretary provided him a list of the MPAs who had requisitioned the session.
Ambiguity still surrounds whether no: confidence motion could be moved in a requisitioned or a regular session
ISLAMABAD -- The opposition has requisitioned a Senate session to discuss the terms of current loans obtained or being obtained, debt or bonds raised, from foreign sources and multilateral lenders, including all facilities and contingent liabilities being incurred by this government.
For example, one country ordered a controlled outline sequencer used on various aircraft by using a supply class that was unrestricted, but incorrect for the part it requisitioned. Because supply class 1680 was not restricted and the system did not verify that 1680 was the correct supply class for national item identification number 010539320, the system approved the requisition.
Meanwhile, Senate Secretariat suggested the chairman Senate that he could seek legal opinion from the Law Ministry 'to clear the confusion over the silent rules whether a no-trust motion could be moved against chairman in a requisitioned session.'
KARACHI -- Three leading opposition parties in the Sindh Assembly on Tuesday submitted a request with the provincial legislature's secretariat calling for a requisitioned session to discuss children's deaths in Thar and water shortage in Sindh.