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a formal request by one government to another for the surrender of a fugitive from justice
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compulsory seizure by the state of property from an owner and payment to him of the property’s value. In the USSR, requisition is permitted only in cases provided for by law and during such emergencies as war, natural disasters, and epidemics. The RSFSR has a General Law on Requisition and Confiscation of Property dated Mar. 28, 1927 (Collection of Laws of the RSFSR, 1927, no. 38, art. 248), which specifies that means of transportation, clothing, food products, and the like may be requisitioned. The value of the requisitioned property is reimbursed at state prices within one month. Under extraordinary circumstances, requisition is sometimes temporary; an example is the requisitioning of boats during floods. When such circumstances no longer exist, the property is returned to the owner.

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application for payment

The contractor’s written request for payment of amount due for completed portions of the work, 1 and, if the contract so provides, for materials delivered and suitably stored pending their incorporation into the work.
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"My understanding is the requisitioners have accepted they have no issues with the granting of the licence to Rangers in 2011.
For example, requisitioners have access only to those features and areas of the marketplace related to purchasing, such as the ability to view items for sale in online supplier catalogs and items they ordered in a central "shopping basket." On the other hand, supplier administrators can update the descriptions of items in the catalogs but cannot purchase items from the catalogs.
[check] End-user requisitioners gain real-time access to request status in the purchasing approval cycle;
Murray insists the society's own rules stipulate it has to hold on to the forms for three months so that requisitioners can amass the 100 forms needed.
However, excluded from this shortlist will be the requisitioners of the Special Meeting (at their request) and the Past Presidents from the preceding 5 years to avoid any potential conflicts of interest related to recent acquisitions.
Regan said: "It's our understanding the requisitioners accept there are no issues with the granting of the licence.
The former chairman hasn't spoken out since the AGM in December when he and his fellow requisitioners, Paul Murray, Alex Wilson and Scott Murdoch failed to oust the under-fire regime.
The four so-called requisitioners - Paul Murray, Malcolm Murray, Alex Wilson and Scott Murdoch - all polled close to 30 per cent and failed to win a boardroom seat.
Murray was appointed to lead the club while King awaited acceptance from Hampden powerbrokers and promised in March to look under the club's bonnet after the requisitioners swept to victory at a general file of the times Easdale has litigation against don't take that meeting.
The reports also suggest Murray and his fellow "requisitioners" Malcolm Murray, Alex Wilson and Scott Murdoch would fail in their bid to force themselves into directorships.
Paul Murray and his fellow requisitioners - ex-chairman Malcolm Murray, Scott Murdoch and Alex Wilson - want to oust some of the directors and be voted on to a new board.