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a formal request by one government to another for the surrender of a fugitive from justice
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compulsory seizure by the state of property from an owner and payment to him of the property’s value. In the USSR, requisition is permitted only in cases provided for by law and during such emergencies as war, natural disasters, and epidemics. The RSFSR has a General Law on Requisition and Confiscation of Property dated Mar. 28, 1927 (Collection of Laws of the RSFSR, 1927, no. 38, art. 248), which specifies that means of transportation, clothing, food products, and the like may be requisitioned. The value of the requisitioned property is reimbursed at state prices within one month. Under extraordinary circumstances, requisition is sometimes temporary; an example is the requisitioning of boats during floods. When such circumstances no longer exist, the property is returned to the owner.

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application for payment

The contractor’s written request for payment of amount due for completed portions of the work, 1 and, if the contract so provides, for materials delivered and suitably stored pending their incorporation into the work.
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