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a formal request by one government to another for the surrender of a fugitive from justice
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compulsory seizure by the state of property from an owner and payment to him of the property’s value. In the USSR, requisition is permitted only in cases provided for by law and during such emergencies as war, natural disasters, and epidemics. The RSFSR has a General Law on Requisition and Confiscation of Property dated Mar. 28, 1927 (Collection of Laws of the RSFSR, 1927, no. 38, art. 248), which specifies that means of transportation, clothing, food products, and the like may be requisitioned. The value of the requisitioned property is reimbursed at state prices within one month. Under extraordinary circumstances, requisition is sometimes temporary; an example is the requisitioning of boats during floods. When such circumstances no longer exist, the property is returned to the owner.

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application for payment

The contractor’s written request for payment of amount due for completed portions of the work, 1 and, if the contract so provides, for materials delivered and suitably stored pending their incorporation into the work.
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Deliberations are under way at the Senate secretariat as to whether the opposition senators can table a no-confidence motion against the chairman during the session they have requisitioned.
ISLAMABAD -- The Senate secretariat on Monday agreed in principle to remove a technical objection to the opposition's requisition for moving a no-trust motion against Senate Chairman Mohammad Sadiq Sanjrani, informed sources told Dawn.
Haq, on the other hand, said that three documents were submitted, which included a no-confidence notice, the no-trust motion and a requisition to summon a session of the Upper House.
MRS's board is now required to call a general meeting with 21 days of receiving the requisition and will send a notice for a meeting to shareholders in due course.
Nairobi Hospital board, however, said it has not received any requisition notice signed by members, let alone one with 50 per cent of the KHA members.
The key to reducing customer wait time is for the requesting COM-SEC custodian to monitor the ISSP system for any returned requisitions, quickly correct the errors identified, and immediately resubmit the request.
Figure 3 Sub Macro1() Dim PageCount As Integer For PageCount = 5 To Range("H22")+4 A loop counter to track the number of pages printed Range("C3") = Cells(PageCount, 6) Using the cell "row/column" format and the PageCount variable, this updates the Materials Requisition Form from the data in the order list.
- Purchase Order drill-back in Dynamics allows one-click access to approved requisition with purchasing details, notes, audit history and all associated attachments
NFELC manages logistics support for its deploying expeditionary units by centrally generating requisitions for allowance-type material.
In our analyses (2) of requisition data, we found over 28K requisitions loaded in SBSS accounts that did not have a matching requisition in the wholesale systems (24K at DLA and 4K at AFMC).
Commit to pay monthly requisitions within two weeks, without fail, instead of the usual four weeks which stretches to five or six weeks.