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The idea of a bootstrap is to estimate a characteristic (X*) of a population distribution, such as the standard deviation or mean, "by resampling from a distribution determined by the original sample X." (34) Monte Carlo techniques and Crystal Ball can be used in combination to apply this bootstrap technique.
The bootstrap technique is a particular resampling method used to estimate, in a consistent way, the variability of a parameter.
In the current study, instead of relying on a single holdout sample, we used an approach known as statistical bootstrapping or resampling (Cooksey, 1996) in order to assess model fit more accurately.
After the mapping functions are established, each pixel on the image will be mapped to the right location by applying an appropriate interpolation technique, for example, nearest neighbour or bilinear resampling.
We used a resampling program to test for statistical significance of differences in species richness among macrohabitats.
A cost analysis of these two approaches shows that resampling at less than 3 months costs roughly $11,678 per persistent SIL detected, compared with $4,513 per SIL detected in the deferred resampling group, she added.
The Jackknife, the bootstrap, and other resampling plans.
Two important advanced sampling techniques in DSP are presented, including quadrature sampling and digital resampling.
In a novel approach adopted by Resampling Stats, clear-cut simulations replace formulas.
Method B uses a simulation procedure similar to bootstrapping[17-20] Bootstrap resampling is one of a number of computer-intensive statistical techniques[20] which have been developed recently to take advantage of the ready availability of computers.
New computer-based techniques, collectively known as "resampling," have provided statisticians with innovative and powerful methods of handling data.
Since very few semi-volatile compounds were found in the laboratory leach tests and none were found in the initial groundwater samples, only volatile analyses were performed on the groundwater samples from the foundry landfills in the resampling. A trace of dichloromethane was found in samples from wells 2A and 1 at landfill A and from well 2A at landfill D.