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A method in surveying by which the horizontal position of an occupied point is determined by drawing lines from the point to two or more points of known position.
A method of determining a plane-table position by orienting along a previously drawn foresight line and drawing one or more rays through the foresight from previously located stations.
The surgical removal of a section or segment of an organ or other structure.



an operation that involves the partial excision of a diseased organ. Amputation is the removal of the peripheral part of an organ, while extirpation is the complete removal of an organ. In surgical practice gastric resections are most frequently performed; pyloric stenoses and stomach cancers or gastric ulcers that are complicated by hemorrhaging often require gastric resections. Resections of the small or large intestine are performed in cases of traumatic ruptures, obstructions, or tumors. An anastomosis is created between the stump of the stomach and the duodenum or jejunum or between the remaining sections of the intestine after gastric or intestinal resections. Resections are also performed on the thyroid gland, lungs, and joints.

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Nous rapportons un cas d'explosion intravesicale au decours d'une resection transuretrale d'une tumeur de la vessie.
Roder also stated that the number of total resections of glioblastomas was improved significantly by iMRI-guided surgery compared with conventional surgery as was expected based on published evidence.
Most liver resections proceed in a systematic and orderly fashion and are divided into several distinct stages:
Despite their complexity, approximately 95% of patients with high or low grade sarcomas of the shoulder girdle can be treated with limb-sparing resections, with amputation rarely being required (9).
This project came about because we started to do hysteroscopic resections using conventional 10-mm resecto scopes, glycine for irrigation, and local anesthetics in our operating theaters .
Yet, resecting and reconstructing the carotid artery to obtain an R0 resection (R0 defined as no residual disease) remains a controversial issue and is dependent on the surgeon's philosophy and skills as well as the patient's desire and fortitude.
However, it was accepted that where possible it was better to remove a metastasis than to leave it in situ and that going forward R1 resections may become an acceptable clinical strategy provided that they confer meaningful patient benefit.
ORLANDO -- Endoscopic mucosal resection of Barrett's esophagus can provide a safe and effective alternative to esophagectomy, according to a retrospective study of long-term clinical experience at the University of Chicago Medical Center.
A large published series of 1803 consecutive liver resections over a 10-year period from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in New York City showed a 0.
We conducted a study to evaluate pharyngeal and palatal functions following reconstruction of soft-palate defects with radial forearm free flaps in 16 patients who had undergone resection of the soft palate for squamous cell carcinoma.