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in philosophy, the correspondence between a representation, or image, and its original.

The concept of resemblance, which is used in modeling, embraces three basic relationships: the correspondence between a qualitative property of a representation and a particular feature of the original (for example, the color green as perceived in the leaves of a plant corresponds to a given length of the electromagnetic waves emitted by the surface of the leaves); the correspondence between the structural design of a representation and the structural design of the original (for example, the design of a geographic map corresponds to the geometric design of a locality), where distinct types of structural correspondence may be described by different mathematical mappings, such as isomorphism or homomorphism; and the correspondence between the quantitative characteristics of a representation and those of the original (for example, quantitative thermostatic value corresponds to measurable body temperature).

The degree of resemblance, or of congruity, between a representation and its original can be evaluated in terms of the following: reliability of information, of what is known, or, in the case of theoretical constructs, demonstrability; exactness and fullness of representation; and depth or relevance of representation of particular properties, connections, and relations. Dialectical materialism rejects the one-sided interpretation of resemblance as a mirror reflection embodied in physical likeness or as the hieroglyphic representation of an object proposed by the theory of hieroglyphs.


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"Not even to satisfy yourself of the resemblance which you deny, as you do the carpets?"
"It is quite true," he said, in a low tone, "that he bears a striking resemblance to the king; but less so than you said."
"It may be well enough, to try the rifle," muttered a dull looking man, whose features, both in outline and expression, bore no small resemblance to the first speaker, and who loosened the stock of his piece and brought it dexterously to the front, while delivering this opinion; "the Pawnee Loups are said to be hunting by hundreds in the plains; if so, they'll never miss a single man from their tribe."
It contained a reference to some child likely to be the result of this sad connection, which child was born, and accidentally encountered by you, when your suspicions were first awakened by his resemblance to your father.
Do you see no resemblance--the figure, not the face!--do you see no resemblance there to Eustace's first wife?"
My approach to clarity is to go to the ambiguous side, or to put it more high-mindedly, to turn to Wittgenstein's concept of "family resemblances." "The Jews," in other words, exemplify the sort of social entity Wittgenstein spoke of as "a complicated network of similarities overlapping and criss-crossing." There are, in the case of the Jews, as Wittgenstein said, "overall similarities," and he went on: "I can think of no better expression to characterize these similarities than 'family resemblances'; for the various resemblances between members of a family: build, features, colour of eyes, gait, temperament, etc.
Measuring resemblances between swarm behaviours: a perceptual tolerance near set approach.
These chapters address the origins and development of some central concepts of Wittgenstein's later philosophy, such as that of language- games (chapter four), family resemblances (chapter five), grammar (chapter six), rules, and private language (chapter seven).
In an editors' note in tomorrow's edition of The New York Times Book Review, the paper states that it regrets publishing a recent essay with certain resemblances to passages in someone else's essay -- particularly one involving a chambermaid.
An enthusiastically recommended and wonderfully entertaining read, "Captain Gravity And The Power Of The Vril" most closely resemblances one of those thrilling Saturday matinee movie serials of yesteryear with its cliff-hanging scenarios of seemingly inescapable dangers, clever plot twists, heroism and villainy!
Fracturing resemblances; identity and mimetic conflict in Melanesia and the West.