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, judgement
a. the decision or verdict pronounced by a court of law
b. an obligation arising as a result of such a decision or verdict, such as a debt
c. the document recording such a decision or verdict
2. Logic
a. the act of establishing a relation between two or more terms, esp as an affirmation or denial
b. the expression of such a relation
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Monker and Nakir
hideous black angels who determine the fate of each soul after death. [Muslim Myth.: Benét, 679]
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QUETTA -- The election tribunal of Balochistan High Court (BHC) on Saturday reserved judgments on two applications alleging election rigging in the province.
Subsequently, the court reserved judgment to announce later.
The housebuilder reserved judgment on the all-important spring selling season, but was upbeat over site visitor numbers and reservations in January after a snow-hit end to 2010.
THE Special Criminal Court in Dublin has reserved judgment in the case of a man who denies being a member of the IRA.
THE High Court today reserved judgment on whether coroner Baroness Butler-Sloss acted unlawfully when she decided to preside over the inquests into the deaths of Dodi Fayed and Diana, Princess of Wales, without a jury.
Federal court judge James Whittemore reserved judgment last night, saying he would not issue an immediate decision on whether Terri Schiavo should have her feeding tube reinserted.
The NAS study concluded that most of the proposed chemicals could be used safely and reserved judgment on others pending more study.
The judge reserved judgment, indicating they might have to wait until Easter for a ruling.
Mr Justice Lindsay yesterday reserved judgment in the case.
The district dismissed the case in part, and reserved judgment in part.
The judges will deliver a reserved judgment on a later date.