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in the USSR a citizen who is in the USSR armed forces reserve. Reservists are called for training and inspection for time periods specified in the 1967 Law of the USSR on Universal Military Service.

Reservists called for training meetings or inspections receive allowances in kind and money from the state for the duration of the meeting: reservists who are industrial or office workers or kolkhoz personnel called up to meetings retain their job and 75 percent of the average regular wage of the place of work.

When a mobilization is announced reservists must appear at places and times indicated in the mobilization notices, summonses, or orders of raions (city) military commissars. Reservists who do not appear for mobilization at the specified places and times are liable under the laws of war-time.

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They also plant explosives along main roads.On Tuesday last week, the militants attempted attacking a special forces camp in Fino but failed and instead walked into a home shooting to dead a police reservist and his father.
Also present during the program were Army Reservist, Lt.
"There is no political affiliation in the regular armed force and the reservist ranks.
Reservists make up just short of one-third of Britain's armed forces and serve alongside their regular counterparts.
The peer referral program is the lead source generator for AFRC RS with one of four people referred by current Reservists joining the Air Force Reserve.
Councillors in North Tynesideagreed on Tuesday night to give a helping hand to reservists who struggle to find employment because of fears they need extra time off for commitments such as training or parades.
While the handling, trading or possession of firearms without a license is criminalised under Kenyan law Indeed, it is with great concern that we have observed the proliferation of unregistered firearms in the hands of police reservists that has unfortunately continued unabated over the last 50 years.
This is aside from training/preparing the people as citizen soldiers, for a "whole nation defense" when and if the time should ever arise that our institutions would have been vanquished, and the phase of asymmetrical warfare kicks-in as a programed response with existing uniformed (regular and reservists) units joining citizen soldiers as invisible army.
The Naval Forces Eastern Mindanao (NFEM) will host another sea exercise to about 300 reservists starting today in General Santos City to further intensify the level of preparedness in emergency and maritime security.
Although interest in this project is much lower than we expected, were not giving it up, as preparing young people to defend their homeland, as well as training reservists for tackling crisis situations, are among our priorities, said Defence Minister Peter Gajdoscaron, as cited by the TASR newswire.
The boxing champion first joined the Philippine Army as a reservist with a rank of a Sergeant in 2006.