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in the USSR a citizen who is in the USSR armed forces reserve. Reservists are called for training and inspection for time periods specified in the 1967 Law of the USSR on Universal Military Service.

Reservists called for training meetings or inspections receive allowances in kind and money from the state for the duration of the meeting: reservists who are industrial or office workers or kolkhoz personnel called up to meetings retain their job and 75 percent of the average regular wage of the place of work.

When a mobilization is announced reservists must appear at places and times indicated in the mobilization notices, summonses, or orders of raions (city) military commissars. Reservists who do not appear for mobilization at the specified places and times are liable under the laws of war-time.

P. I. ROMANOV [5-692-2-]

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Our reservists signed up to serve the country, but they did not sign up to lose their jobs and their livelihood," Aquino said.
The senator said some of the country's reservists are actually entrepreneurs, I.
The boxing champion first joined the Philippine Army as a reservist with a rank of a Sergeant in 2006.
Other parts of Section 712 require the Defense secretary to look into other options for improving reservists' health benefits, such as letting reservists participate in the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program, or giving reservists cash they can use to pay for the coverage they already have.
The Reservists act as liaisons to Sailors and Marines, communicating ONR's mission and messages.
Launched in 2002 this Ministry of Defence funded organisation aims to gain and maintain the support of employers of reservists as well as those employers who do not yet employ reservists.
One consultant at the RVI, who spent time as a reservist in Afghanistan, has helped introduce a new emergency blood-carrying service to the region, which has already saved a number of lives.
Working with the MoD, Welsh Government has raised awareness and promoted the value of having Reservists in the workplace.
Richard Lenton, Yorkshire and Humber regional campaign director, presents Reservist Rebecca Venus, |of Brighouse High School, with a certificate showing the school's support for Reservists.
The card will be extended to the 20,000 volunteer reservists, David Cameron will say today at an event in Stirling to celebrate the Armed Forces.