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1. Social welfare an occupant of a welfare agency home
2. (esp formerly) a representative of the British government in a British protectorate
3. (esp in the 17th century) a diplomatic representative ranking below an ambassador
4. (in India, formerly) a representative of the British governor general at the court of a native prince
5. a bird or other animal that does not migrate
6. US and Canadian a physician who lives in the hospital where he works while undergoing specialist training after completing his internship
7. Brit and NZ a junior doctor, esp a house officer, who lives in the hospital in which he works
8. (of birds and other animals) not in the habit of migrating
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(in Russian, ordinator), a physician in a medical institution, such as a hospital, polyclinic, or maternity home, who is directly engaged in treatment and preventive work under the guidance of a department head. In a hospital the resident independently makes rounds of patients, performs physicians’ duties, prescribes treatment, records histories, and takes shifts on call. In a polyclinic the resident performs the functions of a district medical officer or specialist: he receives patients, prescribes treatment, fills in medical charts of ambulatory patients, issues certificates of disability, provides dispensary service, and acts as a health instructor. A clinical resident is a physician who is preparing to enter a specialty, for example, internal medicine or surgery. A clinical residency usually lasts two years in a teaching clinic, a research institute, or an institute for the advanced training of physicians; the resident also performs the duties of staff physician.



(rezident). (1) In the Middle Ages, a foreign diplomat residing in a given country.

(2) A representative of the metropolis residing in a protectorate.

(3) A representative of intelligence residing in a foreign state.

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Business activity carried on through the fixed place of business: A fixed place of business may constitute a permanent establishment if the foreign resident carries on business activity through the facility.
Another issue that many long-term care professionals encounter that leads to ethical problems happens when a resident is viewed as having dementia; no matter how minimal or extensive the disease, the person is frequently placed within a single category: totally incompetent to assist with and make any in formed decisions.
Meanwhile, individual care plans should be adjusted, if necessary, to address each resident's quality-of-life preferences and priorities.
Treaty provisions apply to the estates of citizens and residents of the U.S.
Home health or assisted living charges passed on to the resident frequently appear fragmented, excessive, inequitable and sometimes confusing.
In May 2001, another resident of this nursing home was transported to hospital with GAS bacteremia (index case-patient 3).
Preliminary preparatory work, however, was to be performed in Canada by an independent agent (an arm's-length company) resident in Canada.
"Under the relocation plan, they said we were still governed under the LAG and CHA, so everything that goes against a CHA resident goes against us," she said.
A resident alien is a person who is a legally permanent resident alien at any time during the calendar year.
"Recently I looked at a copy of Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine," one doctor who trained in the 1960s told David Ewing Duncan, author of Residents. "It's twice as fat as it was when I studied." In the old days a patient who had a heart attack in the middle of the night might simply die, letting the unwitting resident slumber on and find a corpse in the morning.
To be eligible for the Deaf-Blind Community Based Apartments or services from the Deaf-Blind Services Department of the Texas Commission for the Blind an individual must be a resident of Texas and legally blind (20/200 best correction, or a visual field of no greater than 20 degrees) and have a hearing impairment so severe that normal conversation cannot be understood even with optimum amplification (or the prognosis that such a condition win exist).
The residents mingled and developed social ties in these projects.

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