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1. Social welfare an occupant of a welfare agency home
2. (esp formerly) a representative of the British government in a British protectorate
3. (esp in the 17th century) a diplomatic representative ranking below an ambassador
4. (in India, formerly) a representative of the British governor general at the court of a native prince
5. a bird or other animal that does not migrate
6. US and Canadian a physician who lives in the hospital where he works while undergoing specialist training after completing his internship
7. Brit and NZ a junior doctor, esp a house officer, who lives in the hospital in which he works
8. (of birds and other animals) not in the habit of migrating



(in Russian, ordinator), a physician in a medical institution, such as a hospital, polyclinic, or maternity home, who is directly engaged in treatment and preventive work under the guidance of a department head. In a hospital the resident independently makes rounds of patients, performs physicians’ duties, prescribes treatment, records histories, and takes shifts on call. In a polyclinic the resident performs the functions of a district medical officer or specialist: he receives patients, prescribes treatment, fills in medical charts of ambulatory patients, issues certificates of disability, provides dispensary service, and acts as a health instructor. A clinical resident is a physician who is preparing to enter a specialty, for example, internal medicine or surgery. A clinical residency usually lasts two years in a teaching clinic, a research institute, or an institute for the advanced training of physicians; the resident also performs the duties of staff physician.



(rezident). (1) In the Middle Ages, a foreign diplomat residing in a given country.

(2) A representative of the metropolis residing in a protectorate.

(3) A representative of intelligence residing in a foreign state.

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