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[12] considered the material nonlinearity and the softening behavior of welded joints, and numerical calculated the residual stress field of AA2024 TIG welding.
In this approach, the surface residual stress field was effectively transferred through the whole assembled joint manufacturing chain.
This manner is in agreement with what concluded experimentally [11], that advantages of LSP over conventional peening comprise increased control in applying the method, and deeper penetration of the compressive residual stress field into the surface.
The magnitude and depth of the residual stress field are the major factors controlling the fatigue effect of peening and these depend on the intensity of peening.
This difference was enough to give opposites residual stress field. There is a need of conducting further experiments to confirm the trend toward the simulation results data, and to investigate new approaches.
The residual stress field of mitigated sites was characterized with a photoelastic tool (PTC-702).
Among the topics are notch fatigue crack initiation and propagation life under constant amplitude loading through a residual stress field, the reliability analysis of a vibro-acoustic problem, optimizing textile-reinforced composites for pipe connections, analyzing the dynamic instability of multi-walled carbon nanotubes conveying fluid, and simulating air entrapment in resin transfer molding.
It will be shown that the true biaxial residual stress field may not be accurately determined in this manner.
Song, "Nondestructive testing and characterization of residual stress field using an ultrasonic method," Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, vol.
V.1: testing and analysis of high-speed camera for droplet transition, simulation of residual stress field of diagonal laser shock processing, and wavelet image denoising by data fusion.