resin-impregnated wood

resin-impregnated wood, resin-treated wood

Wood whose fibers are impregnated with synthetic resin to provide improved hardness, moisture resistance, durability, etc.
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Element Case has made a business of creating expensive covers from premium and exotic materials, like its $200 Ronin case made with a bumper of resin-impregnated wood. The weaponised iPhone case certainly courts controversy, but thanks to the remarkably grippy pattern on the Black Ops model, you may not give it up until they pry it from your cold, dead hands.
Since the hardness of bio-incised wood samples was not always improved, the application of a bio-incising treatment to improve the hardness of resin-impregnated wood should be based on the wood species and fungal type.
The Model 270 has a charcoal, resin-impregnated wood handle and comes with a custom-designed black synthetic sheath.