resin-treated wood

compregnated wood, resin-treated wood

Wood impregnated with a thermosetting resin, then subjected to heat and pressure to provide both resin curing and compression.

resin-impregnated wood, resin-treated wood

Wood whose fibers are impregnated with synthetic resin to provide improved hardness, moisture resistance, durability, etc.
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Decay resistance of pf-pyrolytic oil resin-treated wood
The most popular methods developed for improving dimensional stability have been impregnation of wood material with low viscosity PF resin, densification of resin-treated wood material, and binding with poly-isocyanate resin (Rowell and Banks 1985, Sun et al.
The impact of bio-incising on the hardness of PF resin-treated wood samples was also related to wood species, bio-incising time, and fungi species.