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(or specific resistance), a physical quantity equal to the electrical resistance of a cylindrical conductor of unit length and unit cross-sectional area. Designated p, resistivity is usually expressed in ohm-centimeters or ohm-meters.

electrical resistivity, specific resistance

The resistance, in ohms, of an electric conductor of unit cross-sectional area and unit length.
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As the next step, we computed the apparent resistivity values for the four-electrode Schlumberger array as an average value of the apparent resistivities measured by the forward and reversed pole-dipole.
Measured apparent resistivities were inverted using the software Res2dInv by M.
In the past, typical carbon filled materials contained 10 - 40% carbon filler to obtain volume resistivities between 10 - [10.
Among the four types of curves, Type I and Type II curves show similar shape of field curves with layer resistivities decreasing with depth such that [rho]1>[rho]2>[rho]3.
Figure 1 depicts the log resistivities of the 10 wt% N660 and 10 wt% V-XC72-filled ETFE composites as a function of strain.
Because of the limitations of the electrometer, it was not possible to measure resistivities above [10.
The latter is characterized by PTC intensity, generally defined as the ratio of resistivities at the switching temperature and room temperature [1-5].
5 and 10 wt%, the composites exhibit high room temperature resistivities and high PTC intensities followed by a sharp NTC effect.
The 55HIPS/45LLDPE extrudates become nonconductive at intermediate shear rates, and generally depict higher resistivities than their two counterparts.
Interesting low electrical resistivities were measured for the CB containing PP/Ny blends.
However, the resistivities of particulate composites prepared with composite fillers of different sizes show the same field dependence, as shown in Fig.
Common polymers are electrically insulating with volume resistivities of [10.