resource manager

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resource manager

(1) Software that keeps track of the available hardware and/or software components for a system, project or application. Refers to a variety of applications, all of which are specialized for many different purposes. See resource.

(2) The component within a database management system (DBMS) or a third-party utility that manages the state of a transaction. The transaction manager (TP monitor) communicates with the resource managers to apply the transaction. If a part of a transaction fails, the resource managers are informed to restore the previous status of their databases.

(3) Software that manages resources in a network. See Cisco Resource Manager.
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RealPresence Resource Manager and the Polycom RealPresence DMA software, which,
Based on multi-granularity linguistic assessment information, the paper launched a research for evaluation of human resource managers' competency, and proposed an evaluation model of human resources managers' competency based on multi-granularity linguistic variables and VIKOR method.
Additionally, the zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager improves network security across applications spanning the complete zEnterprise system, including workloads on IBM POWER7 and System x blades.
By including external data, a resource manager can provide a host of related reports and analyses, including weather variance, greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.
With embedded layer1 switch control, Resource Manager automatically reserves all paths required for test execution and wraps multiple switches into an easy-to-control cloud, using a shortest-path algorithm to guarantee effective monitoring.
Each case consisted of dyads composed of a technical corporate entrepreneur and a human resource manager. Each dyad was from the same business unit of a U.S.-based technology dependent organization.
What business communication competencies do human resource managers believe are most important?
Assuming that our job is parallelizable and that the more hosts we add, the faster our job gets, we can have the resource manager suck up as much resource as possible to get the job done as fast as possible.
Together, CableMatrix's PacketCable Multimedia (PCMM) compliant ODSPTM policy server and Active Broadband's Active Resource Manager provide dynamic resource availability, resource allocation, and network utilization.
And if the job is to head a product development department, the resource manager's hat is one of the most important to wear.
Ross University School of Medicine is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Human Resource Manager. Reporting to the Executive Dean, the candidater will work collaboratively with the Vice President of Human Resources in the planning and implementation of human resources for faculty and staff on the Portsmouth, Dominica campus.
The curriculum includes Role of the Resource Manager in Peace & War, Management of Ethics, Internal Controls and Management Controls, Managing Budget Formulation, Managing Budget Execution, Managing Transition, Managing People, and a group project.

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