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Tangible local grievances (g) and leadership choices can be powerful drivers and restrainers of Sunni participation in insurgency.
Xie and Wu [19] studied the effect of bearing failure on the seismic response of the restrainer in bridges.
Systolic blood pressure was measured regularly (every 2-3 weeks), using a tail cuff blood pressure system (Model 29 pulse amplifier with tail cuff sensor and adapted rodent restrainer, iitc incorporated).
The conscious rats were pre-warmed for 10 min in a thermostatically-controlled restrainer and were tested once at the 1st and 28th days of treatments (the first and last days of the 4-weeks experimental period).
where [h.sub.1], [h.sub.2], [h.sub.3] are respectively the amplitudes of the vertical ship's displacement and the distance by height from the LTM center of gravity to the ship's center of gravity; [t.sub.1], [t.sub.2], [t.sub.3] are the periods of corresponding ship's orbital movements; [[phi].sub.max], [phi], [[phi].sub.0] are the angles corresponding the ship's lurch with pallet restrainer, restrainer inclination and phase shift of the ship's pitching; l is the length of the pallet restrainer boom over the ship's board.
The experimental Group B was given immobilization stress by keeping them in locally fabricated wire mesh restrainer consisting of 10 compartments.
"For already the secret power of wickedness is at work, secret only for the present until the Restrainer disappears from the scene." (2 Thess 2:7) (52)
Se utilizo un impulso electrico de 250 mA con un voltaje de 400V por 2 s el cual se aplico con unas pinzas que se colocaron a traves de la cabeza cuando el animal se encontraba completamente inmovilizado en el "restrainer" que es un equipo que transporta en una banda a los animales desde el pasillo de aturdimiento hasta la seccion distal que es donde se da el aturdimiento.
Before the imaging procedure, all the 5XFAD and age-matched WT mice were weighed, and then restrained in a tailveiner restrainer and injected via the tail vein with ([sup]18F)-FDG (Beijing PET, Co, Ltd, China) at a dose of 500–600 [micro]Ci in 100–120 [micro]L saline according to their weights.
Now restrainer, now restrainee, she relishes changing places.