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The legal framework is set by three main Acts of Parliament (Table 18): simplifying a little, the Fair Trading Act (FTA) covers abuse of monopoly power and mergers, the Competition Act (CA) deals with anti-competitive practices, and the Restrictive Trade Practices Act (RTPA) is concerned with collusive agreements.
It is interesting to note that the legislation governing the monopolies and restrictive trade practices was made on February 26, 1970 and enforced on August 17, 1971 and made to operate in 1972 when rules were notified and undertakings.
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He added: 'My home town of Birmingham became the city of a thousand trades in part due to being an open city, free of closed shops and restrictive trade practices, attracting skilled workers from all over Europe who came to build a better life for themselves and Birmingham.
To get access to first-run features, Drabinsky prepared a very detailed, brilliant legal brief and managed to receive a hearing before the Restrictive Trade Practices Commission in Ottawa.
Dozens of government officials and business people are facing charges over the graft case.The CAK recently boosted its investigative operations against restrictive trade practices, dominance abuses and consumer protection.
Right to Information (RTI) activists Anil Galgali sought information from P South Ward Office of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) about the Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices (MRTP) notice that was issued against Bachchan and other.
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Mrs Scott said under the legislation the Competition Act replaced, the 1976 Restrictive Trade Practices Act, independent schools had been exempt from the anti-cartel rules that applied to businesses.
Shortly thereafter, Drabinsky filed an application with the federal Restrictive Trade Practices Commission, alleging that the distributors were operating in violation of Canadian law by refusing to supply his chain with first-run features.