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If the retaining ring has not been correctly clicked into place, the positional locking cap will not click into place.
Retaining rings that hold 300-mm semiconductor wafers during chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) must withstand repeated exposure to harsh chemicals and abrasives.
Some industries that have advanced from Smalley products are Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Military, Appliance and General Industrial Throughout the years Smalley has become established as the top manufacturer of spiral retaining rings and flat wire wave springs.
Although the retaining ring casting was a low-volume job, the first year cost savings was estimated at $83,680.
When the retaining ring isn't installed right, it can loosen.
This is largely thanks to the Ryton polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) used for the lamp housing and screw-on retaining ring, says Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP (CPChem), provider of the engineering thermoplastic.
In stretch draw, the punch is stationary and a retaining ring forces the sheet over a punch, thereby stretching it.
Like a retaining ring, maintenance is simple and quick, according to the company.
On the lowtech side, a simple retaining ring could hold the screens in place during less rigorous applications.
Use it if the fan clutch retaining ring bolls are worn and need to be replaced or if the fan clutch itself is damaged.
A retaining ring holds the cap in place during servicing, and a locking mechanism inside the cap maintains a secure fit.