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A protein isolated from reticular fibers.



(1) An insoluble fibrillar protein found in reticular tissue fibers in man and animals. The term has a morphological meaning in that the fibrils of these fibers consist of protein from the collagen group, while glycoproteins form the fibers’ amorphous part.

(2) An antibiotic (synonym hydroxystreptomycin) produced by the actinomycetes Streptomyces griseo-carneus and S. reticuli. It is similar in chemical structure and biological action to streptomycin.

(3) An alkaloid isolated from the tropical plant Annona reticulata.

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Nplate administration may increase the risk for development or progression of reticulin fiber formation within the bone marrow.
Histological analysis of the aorta in the late third trimester demonstrates that the reticulin fibers of the aortic media, which provide structural maintenance to the vessel, become fragmented (8).
Collagen is the connective tissue contributing to less tender meat, as elastin and reticulin are found in much smaller amounts and do not appear to contribute to unfavorable tenderness (Bailey, 1972).
Some lesions were found in adult connective tissue, formed by mature collagen scar fibers (type I collagen) and few inflammatory cells, whereas other lesions had reticulin fibers (type III collagen) with numerous inflammatory cells.
Proteases released from eosinophils (collagenase, peroxidase, acid phosphatase and major B protein) is responsible for fragmentation of reticulin fibers in the arterial wall.
While a reticulin stain was not used, overt fibrosis was assessed and was not prominent.
Slides of the peripheral blood and bone marrow aspirates were stained using Romanowsky and May-Grunwald Giemsa (MGG) stains respectively; the trephine biopsy was decalcified, fixed, embedded in wax, cut, trimmed and stained using haematoxylin and eosin (H&E), MGG and reticulin stains.
A bone marrow biopsy revealed hypocellular bone marrow containing dense reticulin fibers (grade 3).
Additionally, because the nodules cannot be visualized on routine H&E or trichrome staining, a special reticulin stain must be performed to show the nodules clustered around the portal triads without fibrosis or collagen deposition, in contrast to alcoholic cirrhosis.
2) Many factors may contribute to the development of cytopaenias in HIV, including the virus itself that can infect progenitor cells directly, cytokine effects, reticulin fibrosis, altered immune function with auto-antibody production, micro-nutrient deficiency (folate, vitamin [B.
A bone marrow biopsy performed on January 19 demonstrated 10% cellular marrow, staining negative for reticulin.