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group of organic substances that are required in the diet of humans and animals for normal growth, maintenance of life, and normal reproduction. Vitamins act as catalysts; very often either the vitamins themselves are coenzymes, or they form integral parts of coenzymes.
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(also called axerophthol or vitamin A), an isoprenoid whose chemical formula is C20H30O. Retinol is soluble in nonpolar organic solvents, insoluble in water, and has a melting point of 63°–64°C. In animals and man, it is converted from the carotene in food and stored mainly in the liver; it is particularly abundant in the liver of whales and fish and in fish oil.

The most important biological function of retinol is its participation in the form of retinal in the visual process. A retinol deficiency results in impairment of twilight vision (night blindness, or nyctalopia) and in injury to epithelial tissue, as in xe-rophthalmia. An excess of retinol causes a variety of metabolic disturbances, an accumulation of retinol in the hydrophobic fraction of cell membranes, and destruction of these membranes. Retinol is commercially synthesized from β-ionone. Retinol is sometimes called vitamin A1; its dehydro derivative C20H28O is called vitamin A2. Retinal1 and retinal2 are distinguished accordingly.

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Apply it 20 minutes after the retinol, so you don't dilute it,' Dr Mahto says.
Use it primarily at night, as retinol can increase sun sensitivity and be sure to protect yourself with broad-spectrum SPF during the day," Sobel said.
(17) found that after supplementation with retinyl palmitate during the immediate postpartum period some mothers did not respond to it or had an increase in retinol concentration in the colostrum of less than 10%.
The concentrations of blood retinol, insulin, leptin and biochemical components according to growing, fattening and finishing phases in Hanwoo steers are shown in Table 1.
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I alternate between Epiduo (a combination of adapalene and benzoyl peroxide), The Ordinary's Advanced Retinoid, and the Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Serum, which was launched just last year.
According to a Murad-sponsored study, the Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum showed a reduction in lines and wrinkles in 93 percent of respondents, while 87 percent had firmer skin in only four weeks.
The primary forms of vitamin A are retinol, retinoic acid, and retinal, whereas the form stored in the liver is retinyl palmitate [14].
LBS-008 works by reducing both the amount of circulating retinol binding protein and retinol, thus reducing its excess uptake into the eye and preventing the formation of the toxins associated with macular degeneration.
A: Retinol breaks down upon sun exposure so it should be used only at night.

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