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'How am I supposed to retract my statement if Labis has not retracted his statement?' Shahidan shot back.
Joumblatt was released Friday on bail, which he will still have to pay even though the complaint was retracted. He remains under investigation, and despite Bassil's withdrawal, may still face charges from the public prosecutor.
Design features include the time it takes to retract the landing gear.
You have fourteen (14) days to retract or we shall or me have the full instruction of our client to legally protract the rights of our client to restore his reputation
Then (A,[[delta].sub.A]) is said to be an IF-neighbourhood retract (IF-nbd R, for short) of (X,[delta]) if (A,[[delta].sub.A]) is an IF-retract of (Y,[[delta].sub.y]) such that A [subset] Y [subset] X, [1.sub.y] [member of] [delta].
To retract a message, hold it down and tap the Delete option.
After deliberating for six hours, the jury of six men and six women unanimously found Dickens guilty of three counts: | Making a series of telephone calls to the woman trying to persuade her to drop the allegations against him and giving her instructions on how to retract a statement | Giving an associate instructions on how to persuade the woman to retract her statement | Making reference to a retraction statement made by the woman and asking her if she knew what the sentence would be for the assault allegations she had not retracted.
BBM users can 'Retract' their message and pictures from recipients to take them back from their phone if they were sent as a mistake, or if they no longer wish them to be accessible.
Keywords: IF- strongly semiopen, IF- strongly semi continuous, IF-retract and IF- neighbourhood retract, IF strongly semiretract
The actor retracts and apologises for his tweets hours later
After several unsuccessful attempts to retract the landing gear the pilots decided to return to Sofia Airport.