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an institution, esp a private one, for the care and treatment of the mentally ill, infirm, elderly, etc.
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military ceremonial music and a military signal played at a specific time on the drum, horn, or trumpet or by a band. The retreat appeared in various armies in the 18th century. In the Soviet armed forces the retreat is played in training centers and camps after the daily evening roll call and in the barracks after the evening roll call for the whole regiment or the battalion. The retreat music that is presently used was written by S. A. Chernetskii. On state holidays of the USSR, of the armed forces, of an armed service, or of a combat arm and on annual holidays of units and when certain persons (specified by the Military Regulations of the Internal Service of the Armed Forces of the USSR) visit a summer encampment a ceremonial retreat is sounded. For this ceremony, all the personnel of the summer encampment assemble in the area indicated by the commanding officer of the summer encampment. At the designated time, signal flares are fired, an artillery battery fires a volley of blank rounds, and a composite band plays the retreat and the anthem of the Soviet Union, after which the troops file past the band.


Ustav vnutrennei sluzhby Vooruzhennykh Sil Soiuza SSR. Moscow, 1969.


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(mining engineering)
Workings in the opposite direction of advance work which, when completed, will permit the area to be abandoned as finished.
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The retreat was held under the Harvard Ministerial Leadership Programme that is a joint initiative of the Harvard T.H.
"The goal is for retreat participants to come away from this weekend feeling renewed and refreshed, despite running four days in a row," says Elinor Fish, founder of Run Wild Retreats + Wellness.
The retreats were associated with personal conversions, the participants agreeing that after three days of seclusion, they would come out determined to abandon 'sinful' habits and walk the straight path of holiness.
A section on the vital but often overlooked step of reentering daily life after a retreat shows how to continue to reap the benefits of a retreat's prayer and discernment.
"When Chrissie asked people for their poems of local interest and with a spiritual perspective," said Co-ordinator of Retreat House Chester Clare Black, "little did any of us anticipate the volume of enthusiastic responses, nor the sheer quality of the contributions.
Early on I attended a one-week silent retreat in Calumpang, General Santos, the place of the Passionist fathers.
She said at the end of the retreat they would have achieved many things such as improved communication which would improve performance and in turn ensure employees worked together effectively.
"I often hear that students feel they are not ready for a yoga retreat because their practice is not advanced enough, or that they feel guilty for taking time away from their homes or jobs.
'The retreat is meant to push the NASA agenda, ensure the NASA teams understand each other, the activities ahead and the end game of everything being put in place by the opposition,' Mbadi said.
Work to convert the building in the grounds of Cyfarthfa Park began in January, while Stephanie wanted the venue to offer customers the chance to relax after their treatments - so The Rose Retreat has its very own relaxation room with a sauna and loungers.
Retreat at Palm Beach opened in June and has a total capacity of 109 beds, with detox and rehabilitation services on the main campus site and Retreat-operated outpatient programming located about two miles away.
Muscat: The Gailani Art Retreat received a Silver Award for Best Social Media Campaign during the first edition of the Oman Tech Awards 2016.