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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Something exacted in recompense. In the concept of karma, it is the reward or punishment received in one life in payment for the actions of the previous life (see Reincarnation).

Wiccans believe that we receive retribution within the same lifetime: do good and good is returned, threefold. Similarly, do evil and that, too, is returned threefold, within that lifetime. This belief should overcome any temptation to act negatively.

References in classic literature ?
The causal retribution is in the thing and is seen by the soul.
The lessons of yesterday had been that retribution was a laggard and blind.
If there had been a possibility of making Adam tenfold amends--if deeds of gift, or any other deeds, could have restored Adam's contentment and regard for him as a benefactor, Arthur would not only have executed them without hesitation, but would have felt bound all the more closely to Adam, and would never have been weary of making retribution.
Yes, a dangerous matter -- so dangerous that even the most saintly dared only whisper their religious opinions with bated breath, lest something which fell from their lips might be misconstrued, and bring down a swift retribution upon them.
It would be a stern and awful retribution, Phaidor; but a just one.