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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Something exacted in recompense. In the concept of karma, it is the reward or punishment received in one life in payment for the actions of the previous life (see Reincarnation).

Wiccans believe that we receive retribution within the same lifetime: do good and good is returned, threefold. Similarly, do evil and that, too, is returned threefold, within that lifetime. This belief should overcome any temptation to act negatively.

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We retributory don t expect ads are redress for the Nest somebody experience.
This kind of retributory justice is viewed as necessary because of the impunity with which guards have been able to kill prisoners in the past.
Indeed, the threat of retributory regulatory interventions or other government actions will be sufficient in most cases to ensure that the contractual protections the government has bargained for have teeth.
In fact, there may be a very real distaste for the idea that international criminal justice is about stigmatization, a function that is associated with primitive retributory variants of the criminal process.
Girard's theory of primitive retributory sacrifice suggests that the cycle of vengeance may be eschewed and reprisal forestalled only when the guilty party is deliberately spared punishment and an innocent victim put to death in his place: "By killing, not the murderer himself, but someone close to him, an act of perfect reciprocity is avoided and the necessity of revenge by-passed" (Violence 26).
The ban on eligibility for financial aid was expressly retributory since access to welfare benefits was blocked to those with a felony drug conviction.