return period

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average frequency of occurrence

The average number of years between storms that will produce rainfall rates equaling or exceeding a given amount; sometimes called the return period.
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The e-tailer recently cut down the return period on products (electronics, smartphones and books) from 30 days to 10 days.
In the multivariate domain for deriving DFH, the return period must be defined in terms of the acceptable risk for the reservoir.
Shops which let you return items can some-times change their return conditions during the sales, for example a return period of 28 days may change to 14 days.
* Fund Inception Date = < 12/31/1999 (For a true picture of a 15-year return period comparison, as anything shorter than 10 years, I believe, can easily be misinterpreted.)
Based on their analysis, AIR found that out of 73 gauge stations in South Carolina, six had flows with return periods of 20 to 50 years, three had flows with return periods of 50 to 100 years, two had flows with return periods of 100 to 500 years, and one had a return period flow that exceeded 500 years.
Secondly, the aim of this study is to predict the return period from ozone exceedances.
The Hershfield method [13][14] was used to estimate the Probable maximum precipitation and Gumbel method was used to compute the one day maximum rainfall for different return period i.e.
If the retailer fails to tell you clearly about that right, the return period extends to a year.
The quantity [X.sup.p] satisfy P(X > [X.sup.p]) = 1 - F(x;[mu], [sigma], [xi]) = p, for 0 < p < 1, where [X.sup.p] is the return level associated with the return period 1/p.
The return period of drought events, defined as the average elapsed time between occurrences with a certain or greater magnitude, is traditionally calculated using a univariate distribution [28].
Wise consumers will wait until the coming days to begin their return period -- avoiding the initial rush -- but won't drag it out too long since stores can limit when you can bring back an item.