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Using code developed for one application program in another application. Traditionally achieved using program libraries. Object-oriented programming offers reusability of code via its techniques of inheritance and genericity. Class libraries with intelligent browsers and application generators are under development to help in this process. Polymorphic functional languages also support reusability while retaining the benefits of strong typing.

See also DRAGOON, National Software Reuse Directory, RLF.
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Using a material, product or component of the waste stream in its original form more than once.
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The paint is sold alongside upcycled pieces of furniture that have been donated by the public and given a new lease of life at the Exaireo ReUse Project's Weldon Road unit.
"One of the major objectives of NMCG is 'aviral dhara', that is maintaining uninterrupted flow in Ganga through a number of measures like improved water use efficiency, promotion of reuse of treated wastewater and demand side management," Mishra said in his inaugural speech.
BROWN is a multisector land reuse collaboration that provides free consultation to communities with concerns about contaminated properties.
EPA has previously supported water reuse efforts, including development of the 2017 Potable Reuse Compendium and Guidelines for Water Reuse, but the Water Reuse Action Plan is the first initiative of this magnitude that is coordinated across the sector.
The programme seeks to strengthen and unify existing reuse efforts across the sultanate under one umbrella to optimise the centre's operations and meet the above stated objectives.
In some countries, like France, it is illegal to reuse catheters.
Dialyzer reuse is an integral part of dialysis since its inception.
It started with an individual from the University of Liverpool's Facilities Management department who won an internal environmental award, which led to Total Reuse winning gold at the Zero Waste Awards for diverting 1m kilograms of items formally known as 'waste' from skips and landfill.
In 2015, as part of the research agenda for the Foundation Characterization Research Program, FHWA selected the Willow Valley Bridge as the first field site for its assessment of technologies for foundation characterization and reuse. The bridge is located 40 miles (64 kilometers) southeast of Flagstaff, AZ, on 1-17 along the low-volume Lake Mary Road.
Potable reuse refers to reused water you can drink.
Key words: Component reuse Component Software Engineering Repository Web Ontology Language Semantic Web.
Throughout industry, there is a great focus on social responsibility and water stewardship Companies are investing more heavily in their sustainability efforts than ever before and are better managing their water use Water reuse offers a water source that is dependable locally controlled and not harmful to the environment, it also enables facilities and their communities to become less dependent on groundwater and surface water sources, decreasing the diversion of water from sensitive ecosystems.

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