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Using code developed for one application program in another application. Traditionally achieved using program libraries. Object-oriented programming offers reusability of code via its techniques of inheritance and genericity. Class libraries with intelligent browsers and application generators are under development to help in this process. Polymorphic functional languages also support reusability while retaining the benefits of strong typing.

See also DRAGOON, National Software Reuse Directory, RLF.


Using a material, product or component of the waste stream in its original form more than once.
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While several groups have tried to develop catheters and sterilization techniques so that catheters can be reused safely, they have yet to be successful.
He stressed the need for creating awareness among the people to avoid those foods, which are prepared with reused oil.
e local authority is also planning extra neighbourhood warden patrols and additional collections of waste, which can't be reused or recycled.
This conclusion held true for 100 percent of programs that reused legacy software systems, but it only held true for 50 percent of programs that reused hardware components (Figure 2).
Predators may be more likely to locate reused nests because they are placed in the same location and thus share site characteristics that may be used as searching cues (Santisteban et al., 2002) or individual predators may revisit nest sites because of short term memory effects (Weidinger and Kocvara, 2010).
In developing countries, used medical equipment is often reused, sold, or recycled because of its commercial value, frequently with no attempts, or ineffective attempts, to clean or sterilize these items.
First, in order for individual users to make use of existing LOs, they must be able to efficiently search for LOs and then evaluate the LOs returned as a result of that search, as to whether or not they are appropriate to be reused for meeting their specific expectations (Campbell, 2003).
According to a recent study, medical devices that are commonly reused in emerging markets are urinary catheters, tubes, gloves, drains, syringes, needles and indwelling venous cannula.
If it still works, can be fixed, or worn, then allow it to be reused as in most cases, reusing an object will use far less energy than recycling it.
It also allows complex portions of standard PCB designs to be stored in a library and reused. Pantheon 5.2 is available to customers on Sun Solaris, Linux, and Windows platforms.
But Clr Martyn Bolt, Cabinet member for the environment, said not all the stones were in a fit state to be reused.
Survey respondents purchased 9,131 and beneficially reused 3,281 tons of sand per year on average.