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Using code developed for one application program in another application. Traditionally achieved using program libraries. Object-oriented programming offers reusability of code via its techniques of inheritance and genericity. Class libraries with intelligent browsers and application generators are under development to help in this process. Polymorphic functional languages also support reusability while retaining the benefits of strong typing.

See also DRAGOON, National Software Reuse Directory, RLF.


Using a material, product or component of the waste stream in its original form more than once.
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Lack of standards for reprocessing dialyzer, breach in reusing protocol and lack of reprocessing policy are among the crucial factors working against the success of reuse.
Reusing the existing foundations saved the department considerable time and money.
The initial results indicate that while reviewing and obtaining documentation is a challenge for the vast majority of programs regardless of the hardware or software system being built, added diligence is warranted when reusing DoD legacy systems.
In this case except the additional functions (in relation to the case of reusing a LO without modifications) that may emerge due to LO modification (namely, disaggregate, adapt, aggregate with other LOs), the functions of description, offer, approval and publish to the LOR have been added, since it is most likely that a modified LO needs to have its educational metadata updated and it must be offered to the LOR as a new LO in order to be available to other users.
You can help to reduce if you buy goods with less packaging, reusing as much as you can, recycling more and buying recycled goods.
With a personal reflection about the materials highlighted in this presentation, as we look to recycling, reusing and reducing, we need to realize that recycling, as important as it is, comes third to reducing and reusing.
By choosing wisely, avoiding certain products, and reusing containers, the green shopper sharply reduces packaging waste.
To help fans resist the Dark Side, has released its suggestions for reusing and recycling Star Wars products and packaging:
A few months later Axa rolled out a second portal for its wholesale distributors, reusing the underlying portal technology in AXAonline.
Armando Gonzalez: "Commend owner, developer and architect for reusing a significant community/historic building for senior care use.
It has only been in the modern era, Kibert says, when landfill space has been plentiful and raw materials cheap, that demolition--knocking down structures without regard for reusing the components--has become the rule.
Reusing some of the product material will lengthen the time before it ends in the landfill and reduce the amount of new material which has to be manufactured.