reveal tie

reveal pin, reveal tie

An adjustable clamp, placed horizontally across an opening in a wall; used to hold scaffolding against the wall.
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He pointed out that these spots reveal ties to the brain's immune system.
They are now no longer so easy to convert to lethal.In Poland, following the adoption of the anti-terrorist law, investigators began to reveal ties between radicals and Poland.
Interest in Trump's tax returns is high because he has refused to release them and concerns they may reveal ties to Russia, something he has denied but of interest in light of the Kremlin's meddling in the 2016 presidential election.
We will begin the third stage to reveal ties of officials with organized crime groups," Deputy Interior Minister Melis Turganbaev said.
And in October, the Chicago City Council passes the Slavery Era Disclosure Ordinance, requiring firms that want contracts with the city to investigate and reveal ties to slavery.