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In other words, all humans incarnate God but Jesus is unique as the first revealer of divine-human unity.
An intelligible interpretation of Jesus' saving activity today would present him as revealer of God through his public ministry: his teaching, his actions, the cause to which he dedicated his life to the very end.
The Revealer has been described as "a barn burner gumbo of country, blues, rockabilly and punk, all mixed together for one hell of a guitar record.
Many people look at "body language" as the ultimate revealer of what people genuinely think.
You're a revealer of visions, you're the passenger, you're a never fading scar
That combination should be understood as a foundational principle of the Christian community When we take it seriously, we hear Jesus calling himself the revealer whose mission must be carried out by followers whom he trusts as much as he asks them to trust him.
Though the deal went down some time ago, it's now come to light, by way of Vlad the Revealer at Celebrity Address Aerial, that Icelandic pop star Bjork sold her historic hideaway in the quietly rarefied and decidedly celeb-saturated Snedens Landing enclave, across the Hudson River from Manhattan and about 12 miles north of the George Washington Bridge, for $2.
In Babylon, for instance, ostriches were associated with the goddess Tiamat, while Harry Potter's owl Hedwig is a Snowy Owl, widely considered in northern countries as an icon of bravery and a revealer of truths.
That is what archaeologist Zahi Hawas plans to reveal in his upcoming programme Kashef Al-Asrar (The Revealer of the Secret).
Furthermore, the fact that a poet was the revealer of such knowledge is somehow illustrative of a venerable association between memory and imagination, between fact and fiction; this is supported scientifically by locating the corresponding common areas of brain activity occurring during the two processes: "frontal and medial temporal-parietal lobe systems that are traditionally linked to planning and episodic memory" (Buckner 2007: 49).
Musicians and bands became involved with performances posted on social media before the revealer video was released featuring Arab Idol star Mohamed Rashad.
It's a powerful revealer of truths that can set a project off on a much more efficient course toward a fitting solution.