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1. The side of an opening for a door or window, doorway, or the like, between the doorframe or window frame and the outer surface of the wall; where the opening is not filled with the door or window, the whole thickness of the wall.
2. The distance from the face of a door to the face of the frame on the pivot side.
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The Revel Casino Hotel was originally opened in April 2012 with a total investment of nearly USD 3.
Revel Horwood's previous West End roles include Munkustrap in Cats, Dance Captain in Miss Saigon and Harry in Crazy For You.
Revel Horwood said due to Balls' popularity with the British public, he could make the final of the show.
Revel Systems has created a platform that is unlike competing systems, with a highly scalable architecture, allowing for global flexibility in enterprise environments like Shell's.
The Nixeus REVEL was designed with hardware, shape and weight recommendations from the enthusiasts and competitive gaming mouse community.
Customers will be able to choose from a 13-speaker package, or the ultimate 19-speaker Revel Ultima configuration.
Attorneys for Revel and Straub both said they plan to close the Revel sale on Friday.
Nine teams of Year 4 pupils from three local primary schools, Balsall Common, The Revel and Harbury were competing for two places at the national finals to be held at the Ricoh Arena next month.
4 billion Revel Atlantic City, announced on Tuesday that it is preparing to file for bankruptcy.
In total, Revel stands more than 730 feet tall, consists of over 6,3 million square feet of space, and is enclosed by 836,762 s/f of glass--equivalent to more than 16 football fields, Tishman installed more than five million pounds of sheet metal and over 7,500 plumbing fixtures.
The ReVel ventilator is a complementary addition to CareFusion's Alternate Care portfolio.