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1. The side of an opening for a door or window, doorway, or the like, between the doorframe or window frame and the outer surface of the wall; where the opening is not filled with the door or window, the whole thickness of the wall.
2. The distance from the face of a door to the face of the frame on the pivot side.
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Revellers crammed the narrow streets of Bunol to smear each other with squashed tomatoes.
The volunteers, who each complete 50 hours of training and must raise PS300 towards the work, hand out flip-flops to drinkers with sore feet and water for dehydrated revellers.
Newcastle City Council also arranged for taxi ranks to be moved to both sides of the street, to lessen the need for revellers to cross the road.
Boozy revellers scaled lampposts as the partying went on into the early hours yesterday.
HUNDREDS of revellers dressed as Father Christmas managed to Claus quite a stir at a boozy parade.
The unnamed reveller, 30, who was wearing a wetsuit, ploughed into a ferocious sea at Aberystwyth, as a swell sent 15ft waves crashing on the shore.
PLUMES, bikinis and fantastical costumes in tropical colours were out in force yesterday as revellers enjoyed an outbreak of blue skies and sunshine at the Notting Hill Carnival.
Wiltshire police said at sunrise that there had been six arrests mainly for drink-related offences, although this figure is expected to rise as revellers head home.
With a maximum crowd of 5,000, revellers are given a close-up musical experience like no other.
A police spokesman said many revellers "had no idea of the scale of the tragedy unfolding near them.
Prince Charles received a rock-star's welcome as he toured 900-acre Worthy Farm, in Pilton, Somerset, with raucous revellers cheering and applauding his every move.
Photographer Brian Anderson took to the streets of Glasgow to capture revellers as Santa made his deliveries.