reverse mortgage

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reverse mortgage:

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in law, device for protecting a creditor by giving him an interest in property of his debtor. In common law a mortgage was a conditional sale; i.e., the mortgagor (debtor) sold realty (real property mortgage) or personal property (chattel mortgage), but if the debtor
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The concept of a reverse mortgage is more or less the same all over the world.
Reverse mortgages are available to homeowners age 62 and older with significant home equity.
The National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA) is the national voice for the industry and represents the lenders, loan servicers, and housing counseling agencies responsible for more than 90 percent of reverse mortgage transactions in the United States.
Because reverse mortgage borrowers are not obligated to repay the loan during their lifetime, borrowers do not need to demonstrate the ability to repay the mortgage.
The bespoke criteria replace the assumptions and rating approach specified in the previous report, Australian Emerald Reverse Mortgage Bespoke Rating Criteria, dated 6 November 2017.
At least four major companies now offer proprietary, nongovernment reverse mortgages. They include Finance of America Reverse, Reverse Mortgage Funding, Longbridge Financial and One Reverse Mortgage.
In a newly released report, the CFPB finds that the costs and risks of taking out a reverse mortgage can easily exceed the increase in Social Security lifetime benefits that homeowners would receive from delaying those benefits.
Huron Valley, which launched its 1st Nations Reverse Mortgage division in October 2016, continues to invest in building its national footprint and product offerings.
While reverse mortgages can provide an important source of financial security for seniors by allowing them to tap the value of their home and age-in-place, they have also raised a number of concerns, the senators said.
"Windell is expected to be a great asset to what we are trying to accomplish here at GSF in creating and solidifying a reverse mortgage team.
"Unfortunately, there's no central clearinghouse type of service for comparing different options from different lenders, but the initial costs on a reverse mortgage can range from anywhere between $100 up to more than $10,000," he said.
The basics of a reverse mortgage are that the lender issues a monthly payment based on the value of the home to the borrower, and the lender takes possession of the home upon the borrower's death.