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1. US and Canadian the process of rereading a subject or notes on it, esp in preparation for an examination
2. Law judicial re-examination of a case, esp by a superior court
3. a less common spelling of revue
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a critical evaluation of a new play, musical composition, or film or of a literary, scholarly, scientific, or popular-science work; also, a genre of publicist writing and literary criticism in newspapers and journals. A book review gives bibliographic information and briefly covers the work’s content, composition, and scope.

In the USSR, specialized publications of criticism and bibliography are issued as well. They include the newspaper Knizhnoe obozrenie and the journals V mire knig (The World of Books) and Literaturnoe obozrenie (Literary Review). The bibliographic index Letopis’ retsenzii (Chronicle of Reviews) has been published quarterly since 1935. Another type of review is the reader’s report, written for an editorial staff or publishing house. The reader’s report deals with a particular manuscript and is not intended for publication.



of a subunit (unit or ship). A review is conducted to determine the level of drill training and to check the troops’ familiarity with the Drill Regulations of the Armed Forces of the USSR. A review is also held to inspect the external appearance of the troops and the condition of their gear, arms, and combat matériel. A review ends with a ceremonial parade march of the troops or ship crew.

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Nevertheless, the majority disagreed and held that where there was a sufficient record (in this case the transcript of the arguments on the oral motion), even a pre-trial oral motion made without notice is reviewable upon the appeal of the final judgment if it "affects the final judgment." Accordingly, the Fourth Department held that the order denying the defendants' application to make a late demand for a jury trial was reviewable.
I don't know what was discussed, but the Astros skipper took the high road and did not challenge the ruling and the fact that it was not a reviewable play.
One exception is where CBM eligibility decided in an institution decision that proceeded to final written decision was found to implicate the Board's "invalidation authority" and be reviewable on appeal.
Not so, say Rule 9.130(a)(4)'s accompanying Committee Notes.18 The deletion of Rule 9.130(a)(4)'s second sentence, explains the committee, was meant only to clarify that post-decretal orders "are no more or less reviewable than the same type of order would be if issued before a final order....
On the other hand a reviewable policy will have a lower level of premium in the plan's initial stages.
With a "Reviewable" policy your insurer reviews its premium at regular intervals - usually intervals of between one and five years.
impact on the rights of private parties" and are thus reviewable,
The underlying hypothesis of reviewable CAT was that after rereading or rethinking an item, the examinees might correct the careless mistake they made.
The crew understands and is accustomed to the ESL; adding a Safety Division (SP01) for tracking is quick, understood and reviewable. Note: If your command does not have a standardized safety discrepancy reporting method; the safety officer will not receive all of the data required to be placed in the safety ESL.
After a cabinet meeting in Tehran, Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki on July 25 said Iran was ready to consider higher-level talks, adding: "The issue of negotiations between Iran and the US about Iraq at the level of deputy foreign ministers is reviewable".
"The issue of negotiations between Iran and the US about Iraq at the level of deputy FMs is reviewable", the agency quoted FM Manouchehr Mottaki as saying after a cabinet meeting in Tehran.