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1. US and Canadian the process of rereading a subject or notes on it, esp in preparation for an examination
2. Law judicial re-examination of a case, esp by a superior court
3. a less common spelling of revue
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a critical evaluation of a new play, musical composition, or film or of a literary, scholarly, scientific, or popular-science work; also, a genre of publicist writing and literary criticism in newspapers and journals. A book review gives bibliographic information and briefly covers the work’s content, composition, and scope.

In the USSR, specialized publications of criticism and bibliography are issued as well. They include the newspaper Knizhnoe obozrenie and the journals V mire knig (The World of Books) and Literaturnoe obozrenie (Literary Review). The bibliographic index Letopis’ retsenzii (Chronicle of Reviews) has been published quarterly since 1935. Another type of review is the reader’s report, written for an editorial staff or publishing house. The reader’s report deals with a particular manuscript and is not intended for publication.



of a subunit (unit or ship). A review is conducted to determine the level of drill training and to check the troops’ familiarity with the Drill Regulations of the Armed Forces of the USSR. A review is also held to inspect the external appearance of the troops and the condition of their gear, arms, and combat matériel. A review ends with a ceremonial parade march of the troops or ship crew.

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The hotline and other mechanisms available to report complaints are reviewed. The documentation supporting hotline call utilization and the process used to publicize the hotline and other reporting mechanisms also are reviewed.
One approach is based on an examination of the criteria operationally used by those who have reviewed sites.
Within the context of the Federal Reserve's risk-focused approach to supervision, major counterparty exposures are generally reviewed during both regular and targeted reviews of banks' derivatives and counterparty credit risk systems.
After administratively reviewed and and verified in NIDRR, the applications are assigned and forwarded to an appropriate science program office.
The reviewed firm must respond in writing to an LOC.
While the reviewed firm is the primary user of a peer review report, other users include regulatory bodies, such as the U.S.
Both new applications and revisions to previously reviewed applications are due on the same date.
this is subject to the agreement between the reviewed firm and the outside reviewer as documented in the engagement letter--that all work-papers generated in the course of the firm-on-firm review be turned over to the reviewed firm at the conclusion of the review"
Subject areas which have been reviewed include oncology nursing research, nursing research of the adult head injured, cited previously, and quality of life of recovering cardiovascular patients.
DRG information was requested and reviewed. It was noted that six of the top eight DRGs were related to diseases of cardiac etiology and averaged an increased length of stay of 2.2 days.
The process of conducting annual financial audits is reviewed by a public accounting firm to confirm that the methods and techniques being employed are effective and that the program follows generally accepted auditing standards applicable to the audit of Federal Reserve Banks.