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1. US and Canadian the process of rereading a subject or notes on it, esp in preparation for an examination
2. Law judicial re-examination of a case, esp by a superior court
3. a less common spelling of revue
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a critical evaluation of a new play, musical composition, or film or of a literary, scholarly, scientific, or popular-science work; also, a genre of publicist writing and literary criticism in newspapers and journals. A book review gives bibliographic information and briefly covers the work’s content, composition, and scope.

In the USSR, specialized publications of criticism and bibliography are issued as well. They include the newspaper Knizhnoe obozrenie and the journals V mire knig (The World of Books) and Literaturnoe obozrenie (Literary Review). The bibliographic index Letopis’ retsenzii (Chronicle of Reviews) has been published quarterly since 1935. Another type of review is the reader’s report, written for an editorial staff or publishing house. The reader’s report deals with a particular manuscript and is not intended for publication.



of a subunit (unit or ship). A review is conducted to determine the level of drill training and to check the troops’ familiarity with the Drill Regulations of the Armed Forces of the USSR. A review is also held to inspect the external appearance of the troops and the condition of their gear, arms, and combat matériel. A review ends with a ceremonial parade march of the troops or ship crew.

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The IRS, however, argues that the special trial judge's report is an internal draft, a mere "step" in a "confidential decisional process," and, thus, properly withheld from a reviewing court.
Reviewing the 11 domains and 24 focus areas within the QIs, as well as the 11 quality measures (QMs), can be a daunting task--much like rotating your tires to prevent wear--but, similarly, it should be performed regularly.
The BHC Act sets forth the factors that the Board must consider when reviewing the formation of a bank holding company or the acquisition of a bank.
After reviewing the answers, a certificate for the appropriate number of Category I Contact Hours will be sent to participants who successfully complete the activity.
Examples of non-statistical samples include reviewing one year (or one month) and applying the results to several years, selecting the ten largest accounts from several groups of accounts, or simply taking the fifth file from each drawer of a set of file cabinets.
In the spirit of Take One's 10th anniversary, we asked 10 Canadian film critics to discuss their feelings about the dilemmas and intricacies they face while reviewing film from their own country.
While reviewing use-of-force incidents, evaluators should remember that officers have some latitude in deciding to use force.
More recent research does examine auditor-subjects actually reviewing working papers, and it makes explicit conclusions about review effectiveness.
Choice is well known as a reviewing medium for academic libraries.
At the risk of giving the wrong impression, let me make it clear that my goal in reviewing products for Computer Technology Review has little to do with helping or hurting a company's sales.
Documentation of that self-inspection for the intervening years is important since the self-inspection report must be provided to the reviewing firm when the third year of the cycle external review is performed.