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1. US and Canadian the process of rereading a subject or notes on it, esp in preparation for an examination
2. Law judicial re-examination of a case, esp by a superior court
3. a less common spelling of revue
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a critical evaluation of a new play, musical composition, or film or of a literary, scholarly, scientific, or popular-science work; also, a genre of publicist writing and literary criticism in newspapers and journals. A book review gives bibliographic information and briefly covers the work’s content, composition, and scope.

In the USSR, specialized publications of criticism and bibliography are issued as well. They include the newspaper Knizhnoe obozrenie and the journals V mire knig (The World of Books) and Literaturnoe obozrenie (Literary Review). The bibliographic index Letopis’ retsenzii (Chronicle of Reviews) has been published quarterly since 1935. Another type of review is the reader’s report, written for an editorial staff or publishing house. The reader’s report deals with a particular manuscript and is not intended for publication.



of a subunit (unit or ship). A review is conducted to determine the level of drill training and to check the troops’ familiarity with the Drill Regulations of the Armed Forces of the USSR. A review is also held to inspect the external appearance of the troops and the condition of their gear, arms, and combat matériel. A review ends with a ceremonial parade march of the troops or ship crew.

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The process of analyzing a research manuscript or a project by third party experts or peers for publication or allocation of grant is called peer review.1 Although peer review process is not free from flaws,2 yet it is the most common and popular method to assess research.3 In the present scientific world peer review is considered as a "gold standard"4 or "cornerstone of quality assurance"5 of scientific publications.
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Systematic reviews are review articles that are completed using predefined methods to minimize bias inherent to observational studies.
Writing systematic review in English language is challenging for those whose first language is other than English and those who are not primarily trained on writing skill such as medical doctors.1 The guidelines to write and publish a systematic review are usually specific to scientific journals or such research groups that publish systematic reviews.