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What does it mean when you dream about a revolt?

The person who dreams of revolt may not want to do what they are doing, be with whom they are associated, or go where they are expected to be going. The dreamer may also be revolting against facing issues within themselves.

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Near by is another tribe that eats donkey-meat--a custom most revolting to the surrounding tribes that do not eat donkey.
From the earliest European colonization to the present, New Yorkers have been revolting against authority.
Don Mitchell (editor) and Neil Smith (editor); REVOLTING NEW YORK; University of Georgia Press (Nonfiction: History) 29.95 ISBN: 9780820352824
French poetry was indelibly altered in the modern era, at both the thematic and formal levels, by the sudden appearance of a revolting aesthetic, argues Shinabargar, meaning both the gesture of active revolt and the grotesque subject matter that, introduced into the lyric by Romanticism, became increasingly central to the work of succeeding poets.